Olympians and NFL Champions Use Him To Make

And Now, For The First Time -
Legendary Performing Strongman Jon Bruney
Launches His ‘Never Before Revealed’ Training System…



If You Want To Be Way More MUSCULAR, Way STRONGER, Way FASTER and Ready To Handle Any Physical Challenge Any Time – This Could Be THE Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read…

Dear Strength, Muscle and Power-Hungry Friend,

This notice is for you—if you’d like to achieve the following:

  • Add extra, quality, smart MUSCLE to your body
  • Quickly build maximal strength
  • Become faster and way more POWERFUL
  • Develop monster conditioning, for stallion-like endurance

You see, what you’re about to discover isn’t ‘just another training program’ – it’s something truly special…

Something ‘game changing’ in the world of strength and conditioning.

And I know what you’re probably thinking…

You’re probably thinking…

Yeah, right! I’ve heard it all before. Another training program promising something new that’s going to fail to deliver results.”

And I don’t blame you if that’s what you’re thinking.

After all – every program that comes out in the fitness industry claims to be ‘the next big thing’, the best program out there.

But Neuro-Mass is something truly SPECIAL.

Allow me to explain…

Neuro-Mass – Why It Will Make You Bigger,
Stronger, Faster and Ready To Handle ANY
Physical Challenge Thrown At You

Most training programs focus on ONE physical attribute at the expense of many others…

For instance:

Bodybuilders are experts in building MUSCLE MASS, but they often aren’t very strong for their size and sometimes lack the athleticism their impressive physiques suggest they should have.

Powerlifters have ferocious MAXIMAL STRENGTH, but very often lack the physical conditioning to do more than a few heavy singles on the squat, bench press and deadlift.

That’s just the way it is…

You can’t have it all…

Unless of course – you follow Jon Bruney’s Neuro-Mass training program.

With Neuro-Mass – you really can have it all

You can have impressive muscle mass, huge strength, the speed and power to dominate in any sport and the type of conditioning you need to handle ANY physical challenge that comes your way.

And you can get it all in just 3 hours training a week OR LESS.

Jon Bruney’s Neuro-Mass will teach you new ways to pound your body—and this isn’t a senseless pummelling, but rather a carefully choreographed ascension in your strength and conditioning levels. Bruney brings his straightforward, cohesive and clear approach to training in Neuro-Mass, telling you what to do, why and how—combining grinders, dynamic movements and isometrics in a training program that can help you redefine your best.”RANDALL J. STROSSEN, Ph.D., Founder & President, IronMind Enterprises, Inc.; Publisher & Editor-in-chief, MILO: A Journal For Serious Strength Athletes.

The Secret of Smart Muscle and The
‘Magic’ Combo

Smart Muscle is what Jon Bruney refers to as muscle that is ready to take on any challenge because it has multiple qualities…

It’s big…

It’s strong…

It’s fast…

It’s supremely conditioned…

It’s basically the type of muscle that he himself needed – and successfully developed – to become one of the world’s elite performing strongmen.

The question is:

“How did Jon build smart muscle and how can he help you do the same?”

The Neuro-Mass program is unique in its approach because it combines 3 types of resistance training into one exponentially-powerful set

Jon refers to these sets as ‘Neuro-Sets’.

And it’s these ‘Neuro-Sets’ that are the secret to SMART MUSCLE – the secret to building a body that is capable of overcoming ANY physical challenge.

Everything you need to know is explained in the Neuro-Mass program, but let me give you a quick overview of how these ‘Neuro-Sets’ work…

A ‘Neuro-Set’ Is Comprised Of…

  • A grinding movement
  • A speed/explosive movement
  • An isometric movement

And it’s this trio that Jon calls the ‘Magic Combination’.Sure – heavy grinds have been used for a long time to build huge STRENGTH…

And explosive exercises have been used to build speed and power

And isometrics have been used to build static strength…

But they have never been combined into one non-stop set – the ‘Neuro-Set’. And it’s only when you combine them in the CORRECT WAY that the magic happens!

You grow MUSCLE very, very quickly…

You build eye-popping STRENGTH…

You become way FASTER and way more EXPLOSIVE…

And you gain the type of CONDITIONING usually reserved for ELITE endurance athletes…

Bottom line?

You look good, you feel unstoppable and you build a level of ATHLETICISM the Gods would envy…


“The mind of Jon Bruney is something quite special and Neuro-Mass is nothing short of spectacular. For those looking to push beyond average, this will take you there.” AJ Roberts, All-Time World Record Holder in Powerlifting

Proceed With Caution -
This Isn’t For Wimps and Wussies…

So far it’s all sounded pretty good…right?

Build more muscle, get way stronger, become faster and way more powerful and gain superhuman conditioning

all in just 3 hours training – or less – per week.

But there is something you should know…

This program is HARD.

It requires you to train intensely.

It will make you uncomfortable.

It’s not for wimps and wussies.

When legendary powerlifter and strength coach MARTY GALLAGHER experienced Neuro-Mass – he loved it because he knew he was experiencing something truly NEW and revolutionary in the world of strength and conditioning.

But Marty also said:

“It’s not for Sissies”

So are YOU up for the CHALLENGE?

Are you ready to train HARD for just 3-4 hours a week in the pursuit of more muscle, strength, speed, power and conditioning?…

In pursuit of your best body ever?

If you are, read on…

If you aren’t – no big deal. Go find an ‘easy’ training program and accept the inferior results that come with it.

Your call.

Neuro-Mass is right up my alley—and what I love to see other strength and power athletes following. It’s also a blueprint for those who want to develop a strong, durable body, one that not only looks strong, but truly is strong. Prepare to push yourself out of your comfort zone and remember, that is exactly what it takes if you are into results!”ZACH EVEN–ESH, Founder, The Underground Strength Gym

Bodyweight and Kettlebells Can Make You
Very Strong, Very Muscular and Very Athletic

Aside from building monster muscle, strength, speed, power and conditioning – another benefit of the Neuro-Mass program is that you only need 2 things to do it…

Your bodyweight…

And a few Kettlebells…

And if you don’t have any Kettlebells, don’t worry – Jon provides tons of exercises in Neuro-Mass that use just your bodyweight.

What this means is that you can perform this program at home OR at the gym.

When you see the list of exercises Jon has put together in Neuro-Mass – using just your bodyweight or Kettlebells – you will be amazed.

Some of the exercises you will have seen before, others you won’t.

And “YES” – some are just plain nasty.

The sledgehammer Push Up (one of the few optional exercises that require more than just your bodyweight or kettlebells) is one example of a NASTY exercise that Jon developed to build muscle and strength in your shoulders, triceps and chest.

Equally as important – it’ll build a rock-solid core, complete with strong, defined abs.

The bottom line is that Neuro-Mass:

  • Requires only your bodyweight and some Kettlebells (so you can train at home OR at the gym)
  • Is extremely versatile…there are so many exercises you will NEVER get bored
  • Will build incredible strength, muscle and athleticism by combining grinds, explosive exercises and isometrics into one giant set –what Jon calls the ‘Neuro-Set’

So that’s how the ‘Neuro-Set’ works…A revolutionary way to combine grinds, speed work and isometrics. What Jon Bruney calls ‘the magical combination.’

When you try it – you’ll find out why he uses the word ‘magic!’

Will it build muscle? YES

Will it build strength? YES

Will it make you fast and explosive? YES

Will it make you conditioned and ready for ANY physical challenge? YES

Is it easy? Hell no!

But I told you that at the start ;)

And remember…

When it comes to improving your body – you can’t get something for nothing.

When you put the work in with Neuro-Mass, one thing is for sure…

You will get RESULTS.

BIG results.

Neuro-Mass Might Require You To Train Hard
– But Really It’s ‘The EASY Way Out’…

How can Neuro-Mass require you to train intensely HARD and be ‘the easy way out’?

Good question.

Here’s your answer…

It’s true – Neuro-Mass will be hard work. You’ll put your body through tough training sessions…

You’ll sweat…

Your muscles will burn…

At times you might think “Why the heck am I doing this to myself?”

But then you’ll look in the mirror and you’ll see more muscle

You’ll see less body-fat

You’ll notice that your weights are going up week by week as you get stronger and stronger…

If you play a sport – you’ll realise that your increased speed and power is making you a better athlete…

And you’ll find challenges that require a ‘pair of lungs’ get easier and easier because Neuro-Mass builds huge work capacity.

Now here’s the thing…

You’re going to notice ALL that whilst training only 3-4 times a week for 45-60 minutes at a time!

And that’s why I say Neuro-Mass is the EASY way out.

Maximum results in minimum time… efficient training. That’s what you get with Neuro-Mass.

The truly hard thing is doing what most ‘fitness enthusiasts’ and gym rats do – jumping from one training program to another every few weeks and as a result, never really seeing any RESULTS.

That’s the truly HARD approach to physical training…

Spending a lot of time ‘working out’ and having little – if anything – to show for it!

Still – at least the workouts were ‘easy’ (note my sarcasm).

So if you’re sick and tired of searching for the best training program – STOP and give Neuro-Mass a try because you’re gonna freakin’ love the results!…

HUGE RESULTS, training 3 hours a week at the most.

That’s the Neuro-Mass way.

Why Should You Trust Jon Bruney?

“I keep thinking I have seen it all in the fitness industry, but Neuro-Mass, by Jon Bruney has taken the gems from the world of Strongman competition and linked it with the systematic approach of the kettlebell world’s grinds and ballistics. So, what you have is something different: it’s the connection between strongman, armor building, grinding and ballistics that I’m not sure anyone has explored before in print. Jon is a big guy and this is a big book. I keep shaking my head as I go through this and realize that we are still learning amazing things about how to improve performance. I love the book.”DAN JOHN, author of Never Let Go

There are a lot of training programs out there written by individuals with very little expertise.

Neuro-Mass is the opposite…

It’s written by Jon Bruney – a man with huge expertise… a man who ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to physical transformation.

Jon is a world-class, world-renowned performing strongman and his incredible feats of STRENGTH have been immortalized in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and shown nationwide on NBC’s The Today Show.

Thousands of people have personally experienced Jon’s jaw-dropping “Pressing the Limits” motivational strength programs.

A true renaissance man in the realm of strength development,Jon Bruney is a world-class trainer, coach, motivational speaker and strongman.

Jon’s work with competitive athletes includes Olympians and NFL players.

He is the author of Foundations, a training series featured in MILO, widely considered the world’s most prestigious strength training journal.

Jon is a veteran of numerous trainer certification courses including Battling Ropes Level Two and Controlled Fatigue Training.

So to answer the original question – why should you trust Jon Bruney? – I say this…

Because elite athletes trust him…

Because the greatest strength training journal in the world trusts him…

Because he designs equipment that athletes around the world use to improve themselves…

And well – I think you get the idea.

Jon Bruney is legit.

He knows his stuff.

And he can help you achieve physical peaks higher than you ever imagined via his Neuro-Mass training program. And that’s a FACT.

“Jon Bruney’s Neuro-Mass is a masterpiece in the world of strength and conditioning. Neuro-Mass is a must for anyone wanting to succeed in athletics, coaching, training or life in general. The methods and principles in Neuro-Mass teach you to sustain and work through difficulty. These principles in return will make you strong and successful in every aspect of your life. Finally a program that teaches real life-changing methods to help you succeed in your chosen battlefield.”JOHN BROOKFIELD, Multiple World Record Holder, Creator Of The Battling Ropes Training System, Chain Reaction Program And Beyond Bodyweight Training

Here’s A More Detailed Look At Just Some
of What You’re Going To Discover In Neuro-Mass…

  • Why Neuro-Mass is the fastest way to add slabs of functional muscle to your frame.
  • Why SMART muscle is THE answer for the serious athlete and how to build it.
  • How to avoid being one-dimensional in your strength training. Discover the secret to arming yourself with multi-tasking, multi-dimensional, “can-do”, martial muscle—intelligent and ready to handle any challenge.
  • How to carve a frame of godly granite—while turbo-charging your functional strength and athleticism.
  • How to cut through the confusion—and get the exact protocols you need to create a truly impressive athletic physique.
  • How Neuro-Sets create RAPID physique transformation—using multiple stressors to create a BIGGER and BETTER body.
  • How to build tremendous overall structural strength—with grinds.
  • How to increase your ability to generate power… do this and you’ll jump higher, run faster, kick harder, punch with more venom – basically, you’ll improve at any explosive physical activity you care to name!
  • How to develop your body’s ability to absorb shock…essential if you do a contact sport like rugby, football, boxing or any martial art.
  • How to simultaneously enhance your strength and conditioning… so you get more results in less time – leaving you free to ‘have a life’ and not waste endless extra hours in the gym.
  • How isometric exercises can be used to build unbelievable strength… this technique was used by old-time strongmen and is used by gymnasts to build ‘freakshow’ strength – in Neuro-Mass you’ll learn EXACTLY how to use this ‘long lost’ strength building technique.
  • How to shatter slabs of concrete with your bare fist—without injury.
  • Why the kettlebell makes regular lifts more difficult than standard dumbbells and why this leads to FASTER results.
  • The secret that separates those who achieve elite performance from those who never rise above mediocrity (if you want to be ‘elite’ in your chosen physical pursuit –you NEED to know this).
  • The 4 ways Neuro-Mass develops prodigious mental toughness –important because a strong body with a weak mind is virtually useless.
  • The proper Load, Speed, Intensity, and Time during a Neuro-Set. The right combination of these factors will allow the Neuro-Set to provide you astonishing gains in muscle, strength, speed, power and work capacity.
  • What load to use to get the biggest strength bang for your buck with kettlebell and bodyweight grinds –know this and MAXIMUM results will be yours.
  • The exact duration for optimal gains on your power drills –important to know if you want to achieve your true speed and power potential and become the most explosive athlete you possibly can be.
  • Perform your isometrics for THIS length of time for optimal gains and develop unreal static strength.
  • How to forge real-deal body-armor—to handle the nastiest hit and the hardest blow…a ‘must’ if you compete in any contact sport, martial art or have a ‘hard’ job in the military or law enforcement.
  • How to use Jon’s‘Neuro-Burner’ to build even more work capacity… unlike regular ‘cardio’, the Neuro-Burner won’t hurt your muscle and strength gains. This technique has been tested on elite MMA fighters and Basketball players and they were sucking wind within seconds!
  • Simple, yet highly effective exercises for focusing your mind –use these and you’ll get EVEN MORE gains from your Neuro-Mass training sessions
  • How to recover from your brutal Neuro-Mass training sessions using cheap, quick and easy methods that are proven to work.
  • Nutritional recommendations for building the most ‘smart muscle’ you can in the shortest time possible… that means more muscle, strength, speed, power, and work capacity.

What More EXPERTS Are Saying About Neuro-Mass…

Neuro-Mass teaches the very fundamental principles of functional fitness by increasing the strength we have never accessed in our training. Jon Bruney offers some powerful solutions on how to develop real-world strength and fitness in a concise and practical manner that anyone can greatly benefit from implementing. The diversity of the drills in Neuro-Mass is extensive and allows any fitness level to begin to utilize these concepts.”JOSH HENKIN, Senior RKC, CSCS, Creator of DVRT Fitness System
“Jon Bruney’s Neuro-Mass is ground-breaking both in vision and in practice. Jon offers a unique regimen that methodically triggers neuromuscular improvements while upgrading muscle fiber quality. The exercises are simple and effective as demonstrated by Jon himself.”ORI HOFMEKLER, Author of the Warrior Diet
“I love Neuro-Mass! Books like this are the reason Dragon Door remains the world’s finest strength and conditioning publisher. Jon’s knowledge of advanced strength and muscle-building strategies is just off the scale. The training tactics in Neuro-Mass go from cutting edge, to ancient, to downright strange and arcane—and the principles here all work like hell for weights or bodyweight training. If you are looking to inject some nitrous into your program, buy this book today. There’s a lifetime of knowledge in here, and trust me, you can forget about finding most of this on the internet.”PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning
Neuro-Mass is a great workout program for people looking to combine weight training with bodyweight calisthenics. Jon Bruney presents a unique take on program design that will test both the body as well as the mind. If you’re looking for maximum strength, who better to learn from than a world record-holding strongman?”AL KAVADLO, author of Raising the Bar and Pushing the Limit
“The information contained in Neuro-Mass is exhaustive, eclectic and encyclopedic. Jon Bruney’s methods weave old-school and new-school wisdom in a way I’ve never seen before.Techniques from physical culture, combative martial arts and ancient health practices all seamlessly enjoined into a full-scale assault on your unsuspecting muscles. Neuro-Mass has it all… exercises you’ve never seen, exercises you’ve never tried and exercises that may scare you. Jon has meticulously combined all of these into routines which yield terrifyingly impressive results…”MIKE GILLETTE, author of Savage Strength
“I haven’t tried the Neuro Mass training program – but I have read the book and was amazed by how clever the system Jon has come up with truly is. I’m 100% confident that if you try Neuro-Mass for 6-8 weeks – you’ll be significantly bigger, stronger and faster than when you started. It’s good. Very good indeed.”ANDY BOLTON, the world’s first man to deadlift 1,000lbs and author of multiple books on strength training, including Deadlift Dynamite

Jon Bruney’s Neuro-Mass program combines ancient wisdom with modern science. His Neuro-Sets combine three time-tested training methods to create one dynamic, strength and mass building program, designed to help athletes and weekend warriors alike break through to new heights in their performance. This book supplies a step-by-step program, giving you everything you need to take your training to the next level.”JORDAN RUBIN, NMD, PhD, New York Times Bestselling author, The Maker’s Diet, Founder, Garden of Life and Beyond Organic

“There’s a lot more to building muscle than just increasing the size. When you focus only on building mass you may wind up with a useless muscle that looks good but can’t perform.

World-renowned strength athlete Jon Bruney addresses this problem head-on with his revolutionary Neuro-Sets. When you incorporate these sets from his new book Neuro-Mass you’ll not only achieve the maximum hypertrophy you desire, but you’ll train the nervous system to recruit more muscle fibers for the ultimate combination in size, strength AND athleticism. Your nervous system is like the foundation of a house. The walls are your muscles. Sure the walls may look great, but without a foundation they won’t be able to do their job.

With Neuro-Mass you build a strong foundation that can support the athletic muscle you’re constructing. The exercise section is very extensive and I learned a lot of new movements that have been really challenging & beneficial. The nutrition, recovery, breathing and warm up sections were cutting edge and ties everything together.

I highly recommend this book. The author and the publisher are great stand-up people that want to help you live the best life possible so that you’re full of energy, strength, vitality and confidence. The neuro-training explained in this book is brand new. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. Be among the first to reap the rewards and start…building muscle, increasing strength and becoming more athletic with Neuro-Mass!MIKE WESTERDAL, President, CriticalBench


So What’s It Gonna Cost?

Well, I can tell you now…

Jon charges hundreds of dollars an hour when he coaches professional athletes and teams.

But you aren’t going to pay hundreds of dollars for his Neuro-Mass training program.

In fact, he’s not even going to charge you $150

Or $100

Or even $75

He’s only going to charge you $34.95!

For $34.95 you get the very best training techniques that Jon Bruney has spent the best part of 2 decades testing, tweaking, honing and perfecting.

Training techniques that will help you:

  • Build muscle faster than ever before
  • Get a lot STRONGER
  • Develop explosive speed and power
  • Build a ‘pair of lungs’capable of handling any endurance based physical challenge

Right now, you may be wondering:

“Why is the price so reasonable?”

And the answer is simple…

Because Jon wants as many people to benefit from Neuro-Mass as possible. Therefore, we’ve priced it in such a way that makes it affordable for as many people as possible. Simple as that.

But You Need To Hurry Because Time Is Running Out…

At $34.95, Neuro-Mass is a steal…

A total bargain if you’re serious about building muscle, gaining strength, getting faster and more explosive, AND developing ‘cardio’ that’ll let you effortlessly take on and overcome any challenge that may come your way…

So you need to act NOW and grab your copy of Neuro-Mass right here, right now, TODAY, to make sure that you don’t miss out.

If you do miss out – you’ll kick yourself… especially when you consider that grabbing your copy of Neuro-Mass is…

Totally Risk-Free…


You see, Neuro Mass comes with Dragon Door’s industry leading money-back guarantee.

What this means is that Neuro-Mass comes with a full ONE YEAR money-back guarantee that works like this…

If for ANY reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, just return Neuro-Mass to Dragon Door and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Can’t get fairer than that.

We stand strong by Dragon Door’s one year, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.

Here’s what you should do next…

Have your payment details ready and click the link below. When you click the link you’ll be immediately taken to the Neuro-Mass page on Amazon.com

Once you are on the Neuro-Mass page on Amazon.com, click the yellow ‘Add To Cart’ button on the right hand side of the screen and then follow the usual Amazon checkout procedure.

Simple as that.


Your friend,


John Du Cane, CEO

Dragon Door Publications Inc.

P.S. If you don’t buy Neuro-Mass today, where will it leave you?

Without one of the best training programs on the market. That’s where.

Remember – Neuro-Mass is genuinely unique because it combines 3 distinct types of strength training and combines them into one ‘Neuro-Set’.

And this Neuro-Set will deliver huge gains in muscle mass, strength, speed, power and endurance… all whilst training only 3-4 times a week, for 45-60 minutes at a time at the most.

Neuro-Mass may very well be the most efficient training program ever created– and that’s probably why professional athletes, Olympians and hard training individuals love to pay Jon Bruney ‘big bucks’ to have him train them in person.

Bottom line?

If you want the fastest muscle, strength, speed, power and endurance gains of your life – you need Neuro-Mass. Period.

P.P.S. Neuro-Mass is only $34.95 and is covered by Dragon Door’s industry-leading one year, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee. So this is a totally risk-free purchase. You have nothing to lose.


Frequently Asked Questions…

Question: Is Neuro-Mass suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. The Neuro-Mass training program is suitable for anybody. It’s been tried-and-tested on Olympians, top NFL players, MMA fighters, Basketball players, Strongmen and far less accomplished athletes too.

In fact, you’ll probably get better results if you are a beginner or intermediate athlete because you’re body isn’t yet working anywhere near its true potential.

Question: I don’t have Kettlebells – can I still use the Neuro-Mass program?

Yes, you can. You can easily substitute many of the Kettlebell exercises for Dumbbell or Barbell variations. And remember – there are bodyweight exercises in the program as well, so you are not just limited to the Kettlebell exercises.

Question: The Neuro-Mass program sounds great, but I like training with barbells. Can I incorporate them?

Yes you can. Very easily in fact.

Just substitute the Kettlebells for a barbell, where appropriate.

For instance, instead of the Double Kettlebell Front Squat – you could do a barbell Front squat.

Instead of the Double Kettlebell Bench Press – you could do the regular barbell Bench Press.

Jon gives you a ton of amazing Kettlebell and bodyweight exercises in the Neuro-Mass book – but the real magic is in the unique combination of grinds, explosive and isometric exercises that make up the ‘Neuro-Set’. And you can apply the principles that comprise a ‘Neuro-Set’ to any form of resistance training you like…

Bodyweight, Kettlebells, Dumbbells or Barbells.